Our Technologies

We are using, maintaining and commiting inside the following softwares

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

We help setup availability monitoring, alert notifications, security risk detection and response, and automation for agile and successful delivery of solutions and ensure that applications are always available and meet user expectations.



Reliability Assessment

Kalvad’s SRE engineers remain an integral part of the transformational journey to evaluate enterprise infrastructure, platforms and applications as per SRE best practices and recommend optimizations of end to end Day 2 tasks as below:

  • Optimize onboarding/offboarding internal/external customers/users
  • Prioritize incident queues
  • Securely control access to services and resources with appropriate roles
  • Server management for hardware/software changes
  • Create appropriate runbooks to standardize tasks

Reliable System Architecture Design

Having diverse skill set and years of experience in reliability engineering, our SREs recommend the best in class solutions that allow autonomous scaling and high availability to withstand changing requirements. During Design phase, our SRE experts help for following:

  • Ensure that the platforms is designed/implemented with the continuous integration model perspective.
  • We recommend the apt timelines for maintenance windows and suggest process to have a zero tolerant fault system and no downtimes for the customers during the upgrades and MW.

Reliability Optimization

We work closely on the day to day tasks, we work with SMEs/Cross functional teams to triage and resolve reliability issues from application, platform, database, and infrastructure perspective.

  • Migrate the workloads by following the standardized runbooks
  • Identify and fix the existing defects/anomalies in the architectures
  • Automate the manual tasks using Ansible, Rudder, or any other dev/scripting language, etc. as used by the organizations to save operational time.
  • Automating for repeated tasks happening in the SRE services to reduce the overall man-hours going forward for the same task

Reliability Monitor System

  • Monitor Server, Infrastructure, Application performance and health using proven tools and platforms.
  • Detect anomalies in the normal operations and immediately report to the management/stakeholders and respective defects are raised and fixed in real time.
  • Adhere to the task lifecycle management for a given ticket and the SLA breaching tickets are addressed in a top-down manner.